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Beyond a Raw Food Diet

I’m blessed to live in a city that has a lot of healthy eating options, though cooking myself or with Drew is still my favorite option. But of all the places in South Florida to eat at, my preferred location is Life Food Gourmet, a local organic restaurant, owned by John Schott that began as a strictly raw vegan establishment. It’s walking distance to my house, so I’ve been going there for quite a while. But over the last few years, they have expanded their menu to include not only some cooked foods, but even some meat, grains, and dairy. But, as you might expect, it is all grass-fed and organic.  I personally like their expanded menu, because it means there are more options for me. Below is a video where John explains why he expanded beyond the raw vegan diet to now include foods such as grass-fed beef.

Speaking of their grass-fed beef, my best friend Dani took me to Life Food Gourmet for my birthday and had one, she liked it, a lot…and she is Uruguayan, they like their beef!


Some of the comments people left to the video show just how divisive this issue can be, I think the best approach is to educate oneself, not to assume the way you have been doing things is always the best, and listen to your body – there are many things that apply across the board, but maybe different diets affect different people in varied ways. A strict raw vegan diet may be best for some people, but perhaps not all. Balance is also key – not that junk food in moderation is a good idea, but within the range of wise eating styles, a little variety is probably a good thing, always taking into account that your individual body may be allergic or intolerant to certain foods that others tolerate very well. Listen to your body.