Grocery Store Rules is a place to find articles and information about what is in your grocery store, and for the extra curious, information on how domestic and international food laws affect what you find in your local grocery store (and what you cannot). Most articles are written by me, Kristina Hernandez, some are articles published by others.

I am an attorney, practicing in my hometown of Miami, Florida, who thinks food law is important.

Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S. and are the leading cause of death and disability in the US. Chronic illnesses affect approximately 50% of Americans and the top two causes of chronic illness cited by the Center for Disease Control are poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Most people know this, but it does not always translate into good decission making – in part, I believe, because there is a disconnect for many people between what they know about nutrition and what they know about their food supply. I became interested in all things food law related while in law school. During my first year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks be to God, I am now cancer free – but the experience introduced me to a whole new life style and a whole new way of thinking about food. And as a lawyer, I am fascinated by how decisions by regulators and elected officials have such a profound effect on the kinds of foods I, and those I care about, can easily access and afford.

The majority of articles are intended for the average consumer, but other sections contain information intended for US companies, both those that import food and those that export food – with an emphasis on organics.

I hope this blog helps make you a more educated consumer in the grocery store. But ultimately, I hope it helps you and your loved ones live healthier and happier lives.

It is dedicated to all my friends and family who are always asking my opinion about what to buy in the grocery store, and to my grandmother who taught me perhaps the most important lessons about food, don’t eat too much, focus on things that her mom would recognize, and don’t eat standing up – fix yourself a proper plate and sit down to enjoy even the smallest bite of food.



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